Boat House Alappuzha


Houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala refreshes your body and mind. The ride takes you to the ecstasy of joy and pleasure. It is a great opportunity for you to get a closer look of the picturesque beauty involved in the daily activities of rural life.

Alleppey the hottest hub in cruising provides all the benefits to the guests. The slowly moving giant houseboat welcomes guests with a tender coconut. The check in time will be 11.30 AM.  The houseboat floats across numerous canals, rivers etc., viewing closely the pastoral life of the people. The houseboat provides a lavish lunch for the guest with the entire local flavor in cuisines. The different spicy items made out of Karimeen, tiger prawns etc. adds an extra taste.

After the lunch the houseboat moving on the backwaters provides you with ample relaxation.  The houseboat passing through rivers and canals gives an exotic feeling. The guest will have a chance to experience the vast paddy fields, fishing, and even taste the toddy from the local toddy shops nearby. You can enjoy the beautiful evening on the sundeck or balcony of the houseboat with tea/coffee and snacks. The boat will return back at 5:00 PM

If you want to spend a day in a memorable and most exciting way, cruising in the backwaters is the best option. Seeing the endless lagoons, paddy fields, canals, villages are the overwhelming experience. Different backwater birds, and green paddy fields on the backwaters, the household activities of rural people are a naïve experience while you are on a day cruising.

There are numerous houseboats in Kerala backwaters providing day cruising. The guests are expected to check in at 11:30 am and are welcomed with tender coconut. The giant houseboat move slowly giving enough time to enjoy the natural illustrations of the backwaters. At 1 o’clock a lavish lunch was provided with all local cuisines. The Karimeen fry and tiger prawns curry is the most famous among the cuisines. Afternoon you can relax in the deck viewing the scenic beauty of the backwaters accompanied with the gentle breeze. By 4 o’clock you will be served tea and snacks. At 6 o’clock the houseboat anchored for the travelers to check out.